Substance Journal


Digital SubStance Journal Supplements Substance@Work

SubStance@Work, a peer-reviewed imprint of SubStance Inc., is a series comprising born-digital works that integrate non-linear structure and multimedia content in innovative theoretical explorations. (Learn how to submit a project proposal.)

Advisory Board:
Gregory Chatonsky (History and Theory of Art, École Normale Supérieure)
Georges Didi-Huberman (Philosophy, Art, & Critical Theory, European Graduate School)
Dehlia Hannah (Post-doc, Chemistry and Biological Sciences, Aalborg University Copenhagen)
Marcel O’Gorman (Director, Critical Media Lab, University of Waterloo)
Paul Prudence (Artist, audio-visual performer and video environments)
Charles Stankievich (Director of Visual Studies, Architecture, Landscape, and Design, U of Toronto)
Gwenola Wagon (Art, U of Paris 8)

Phobic Postcards by Pierre Cassou-Noguès

This project explores phobia through twelve videos and many notes–absurd fears, where there is nothing to fear, really. During these two years, I looked into the history of philosophy for traces of philosopher’s phobias. I believe I have found a few : Descartes certainly had a phobia of water. I have also tried various philosophical and unphilosophical cures. I have tried to joke about my phobias. Following a side-remark in Baudelaire's diary, I have tried running a marathon. I tried laying on a psychoanalyst’s couch. But, in the end, I resolved to adopt Bachelard’s cure, and submit to a sort of an imaginary training. It is like re-accomplishing the labors of Hercules so as to master in imagination all kinds of dangers. I have turned myself into an ImOrg (like one speaks of a Cyborg) : an Imaginary Organism.


The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin by Paul A. Harris
The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin is a born-digital work of speculative theory that documents a decade of work on stone in a variety of media, from collecting cobble and composing displays in a contemplative rock garden, to conducting research, traveling, and photographing and writing about stones. The two meanings of the neologism 'petriverse'--1) a world (universe) composed of rocks and 2) words (verse) composed of rocks--correspond to the digital project's organizing topoi: 1) The Petriverse Garden ushers visitors into a space of telluric lurings and lithic forces; 2) The Petriverse Library houses writings that elucidate a geo-philosophy of Stoned Thinking and a geo-aesthetics of Petric Poetics.

In progress:
I Give You Complete Freedom by multiple authors
This project was launched at the SLSA 2018. Five animals, five notions, five places: every page stages a micro-fiction featuring one element from each category. Our collective conceptual imagination is visualized in a constantly evolving diagram. Learn how to contribute.