4 Best SUV’s For Camping Families

Are you and your family ready to spend time enjoying wide open spaces, coastal adventures, and the like?

If so, the choice of the SUV in which you’ll be enjoying that fun part of your life is a crucial one. You’ll know how much time you’ll spend making great use of it; from a holiday weekend to a much longer camping trip. You’ll understand the road and climate conditions you’ll want it to cope well with. Here are four terrific possibilities to consider…

The Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback

These are both terrific destination choices for fun vacations. They’re also the names of a pair of terrifically flexible SUVs from Subaru.

If you’re taking a lot of stuff with you, then the Subaru Outback offers a great length of boot and excellent built-in roof racks. It’s also ready for that luggage pod, as an alternative to taking a trailer wherever you go. Its cousin, the Forester, offers a wider aspect, and terrific 360-degree views.

It still offers plenty of space for whatever you consider necessary to make the most of your free time. The Forester offers an excellent punch on the go. It also provides good ground clearance and visibility. It’s highly reliable on a variety of surfaces and road conditions, thanks to its multi-mode AWD. The Outback offers a comfortable legroom ride. If you are beach-bound, it provides a great choice for transporting kayaks, canoes or surfboards. Look out also for a new version of this model, due later this year.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The diesel Mitsubishi Outlander LS (another marque with a new model due) is an affordable choice. It delivers good – even called vast by users – boot space and ground clearance at 190mm. It’s also a useful tower if you are making longer journeys. You can choose from a range of powertrain configurations, AWD or 2WD. If there’s a big bunch of you on the move, how about the 7 seat option? Like all choices, you need to match passengers with the amount of gear, to make sure your payload complies with the relevant regulations.

Kia Soul

Yes, we know the Kia Soul is recognised mainly as a city car. Do you want to match urban life with occasional short camping trips? If so, its healthy amount of cabin space can accommodate your accommodation essentials. The Soul is as luggage friendly as it is passenger comfortable.

Apart from the quartet of choices we’ve honed in on above, there are many other options to consider. You might think of the Toyota RAV 4, a legendary Jeep Wrangler, or the MAZDA Cx-5 (Touring). The simple key is to assess your destinations and measure up your space and body requirements. You can then see how each possibility matches up. A visit to a weighbridge can even provide useful guidance if needed. You’ll find a wealth of terrific SUV choices, and be able to match your budget to your requirements, by visiting Cartopia.

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